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About Us

About Us

Why Leave Safe Training?

Leave Safe Training is led by Ex-Fire Officer Les Spencer, providing a wealth of experience:

  • 30 years experience as a Fire Officer
  • Worked with many agencies to actively reduce fire calls
  • Provided advice to businesses relating to all fire safety matters
  • Carried out Fire Safety Training within the Workplace for many years
  • Attended a wide variety of fires in domestic and non domestic premises
  • Promoted the introduction of the regulatory Reform( Fire Safety) Order 2005 to business groups
  • Provided specific Fire Awareness and Fire Warden courses over many years to people in the workplace
  • Presented to business groups including the Chamber of Commerce in relation to all areas of Fire Safety
  • Trained Operational Fire Officers in Fire Investigations Dynamic Risk Assessment and Extinguisher media
  • Involved in the pro-active prevention of fires through Community Safety Initiatives including education and the media.
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Examples of feedback from fire safety training:

  • "Very useful, easy to understand & enjoyable."
  • "You did an excellent job as usual and everyone enjoyed the sessions."
  • "You managed to make a difficult subject enjoyable as well as informative."
  • "The course passed very quickly because it was well presented and had good content."
  • "The tutor was excellent giving clear instructions and making good use of visual aids/media"
  • "I feel able to tackle small fires effectively and contact the Fire Service efficiently and effectively leading to a faster response time"
  • "The speaker was competent and with a good sense of humour, delivered the presentation in an interesting and easy to understand manner with good and appropriate visual aids."
  • "The course was really good, informative and interesting. I thought the practical experience with the use of the extinguisher was useful so the event of a fire you can remain calm"
  • "The training was relevant to my job. As a supervisor I need to provide guidance to my team. I finished the session feeling I could make justified decisions if I was ever put in the situation of a fire. "