Fire extinguisher training

Fire Extinguisher Training

All courses will be tailored to suit individual requirements

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In the comfort of your own premises

Theory sessions take place in a meeting room or training room.

Practical session takes place in a suitable outside area (approximately 5 car parking spaces) away from buildings.

All appropriate equipment will be provided by Leave Safe Training


2 hours

Who should attend?

Any peron who may be required to use a fire extinguisher, often any employee within your workplace.

The course

The course consists of both a theory and practical session. It will give an understanding of how fire develops and behaves including the classifications of fire and give the opportunity to use different types of extinguishers found within your workplace.


To understand the development and behaviour of fire and demonstrate the correct use of different fire extinguishers and outline the behaviour of fire.


By the end of the course students will understand:

  • Basic principles of fire development
  • Effects of smoke
  • Triangle of combustion
  • Classification of fires
  • The appropriate fire extinguisher for the type of fire
  • Safely and effectively operate a number of fire extinguishing equipment.
Leave Safe Training specialises in fire training to all types of businesses.

Course Detail


  • Introduction
  • Health and safety briefing
  • Classifications of fire
  • Types of fire extinguishing equipment
  • Fire extinguishing methods


  • Demonstration of water extinguisher
  • Demonstration of foam extinguisher
  • Demonstration of carbon dioxide extinguisher
  • Demonstration of powder extinguisher
  • Demonstration of fire blanket

Do you know your extinguishers?

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